TTech-80 Data Interface Kit

Long Range Curtain PIR

With Wireless Camera System


Long Range Curtain PIR

Short Range PIR 

Tremor Tech offers several long and short range Passive Infrared Sensors for use in human and vehicle detection. Various detection patterns include pinpoint, wide angle, curtain and graduated over distance. 

Passive Infrared Sensors can be combined with different types of detection systems to trigger alerts and camera systems. One of our most popular Passive Infrared detection systems includes the combination of a long-range curtain PIR sensor with a wireless camera system (TTech-81-CCK). This turnkey system is solar powered and is quickly deployed and programmed for fast detection and image confirmation.

Check out all of our Passive Infrared Sensor options. Regardless if you want to develop your own system from the ground up, use our TTech-80 Data Interface Kit to quickly integrate PIR sensors into your project. We have the PIR sensor for your application, if not, we can also develop a custom sensor to fit your applications. 

​Passive Infrared Sensors

Demo Video TTech-81CCK

Long Range PIR with

Pinpoint Detection