Fence Tremor Sensors

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​​​    Fence Tremor Sensor (FTS)   

(The Original Fence Tremor Sensor)


Fence Tremor Sensor

Wireless Fence Tremor Sensor

The Fence Tremor Sensor has been designed to detect intrusions on and through metal structures such as border fence lines. When attached to structures such as towers, support beams, fencing, stairways and drainage grates, the FTS will provide continuous passive intrusion detection monitoring until activated by a subject’s presence.

Once activity is detected, the FTS will analyze the vibration and sound patterns using a combination of piezoelectric microphones and vibration sensors. If the intrusion activity matches the pattern programmed into the FTS sensor, an alert will be sent via the interfacing patch cable and attached communication device.

The FTS programmer allows the end user to quickly customize sensor programming for each location. Common contact closures can be utilized and interfaced with any third party device. Commonly attached devices include cameras, transmitters, lights and independent security systems.

Powered by an internal AA battery pack, the FTS will operate for up to two (2) years without the need of additional batteries. With automatic wind detection and mitigation filtering, the FTS will automatically detect the presence of active wind conditions and filter away the wind vibrations while still looking for intrusion activity. 

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For TTech-17