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For Our Federal Government Customers:

Product pricing can be found by directly link to the GSA buttons found next to each item.

For our Local and State Government Customers:
You can also find our product pricing by directly linking to the GSA buttons found next to each item. Typically, your agency would not have access to this pricing information. Most vendors try to keep this a secret so they can charge  a higher price. Not here at Tremor Tech, we search out ways to keep your pricing as low as possible. Since most of our products fall under GSA schedule-84 we can offer you the same price as the federal agencies. That’s what makes us different, we want you to know this information!

For our Non-Governmental Customers:
Send us an email or call directly, we will be glad to quote your project or consult with you on your needs.

 Items Not Listed on the GSA
If an item or service is not listed on the GSA, please call or email for pricing. Typically, this means the item or service is more of a custom item and we will tailor it to fit your application.

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