The Tremor Tech X-80 Iris Camera System: provides unmatched day and night wireless camera awareness.  If you manage an international border, critical infrastructure, gas or oil production facility, correctional facility, large ranch, construction yard or high value agricultural greenhouses, you can now sleep at night.

The X-80 Iris Camera System has proven experience on the U.S. Border and is now available to detect activity at your facility.

Battery operated cameras and infrared triggers transmit high quality images and video to your base of operations and on to you as an Email or smartphone attachment,

24 hours a day. 

  Alerts and images from remote locations can be transmitted via cell or satellite communications. Local systems utilize facility intranet or direct data linkage

via 900 megahertz transmissions.


The TTech-21 Drop Kit: is a battery powered video surveillance system designed for long-term outdoor deployments. This rugged design is ideal for quick deployments without the need for an additional support system. This standalone system is cell based and ready to go any place you have cell coverage. 

The TTech-21 can also be operated from a satellite communication platform if required. 


Both systems have outstanding qualifications and capabilities.

Let us help you decide which system will best fit your needs and application requirements!


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TTech-21 Video Drop Kit

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